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Sun, 12/04/2016 - 02:49

Something we need to login into our Drupal site without type any credentials, then Drush provides us an easy way to achieve it by executing:

drush uli

If we execute it on our local environment, we would see an message like this:

drush uli

It means, Drush hasn't define Site URI option to current Drupal installation.

We can make to Drush awares about specific options by creating a Drush runtime config file, we can see an example file inside our Drush installation folder, just like this:

drushrc examples

Otherwise, we always can find it online.

We only need to create a file named "drushrc.php" inside "sites/default" folder, then we need to define $option['uri'] with our current URI value as a string, in my case it will looks like:

// Setup current local URI.
$options['uri'] = '';

As soon as we execute "Drush status", we will notice our Site URI option reflected,

drush st

Then next time we generate a login link by Drush, we can see the difference,

drush user-login

drush user-login

Last Drush version is able to open a new tab in our default browser, reason we can see the following message: "Created new window in existing browser session". I really hope it helps you to speed your local development.