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By kenneth, Fri, 12/20/2019 - 00:53

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I recall a friend of mine asking me: "As an IT guy. When did you become a teacher?" He said, at some point in the future, every single person in the IT field would like, or end up for whatever reason, being a teacher.

Back at that time I didn't have the answer, actually, I'm thinking I don't have it yet, however, I came with an idea. How do you like the people would remember you in the future? It was the moment when I became fully aware about all the knoweldge I've grabbed through the time while I was studying some new technologies, approching others, getting expertise, etcetereta. Those ideas or knowlegde might be lost if I am not able to share it with others.

I noticed that when I have to explain a new custom integration I made to one of mine coworker because it is required to expand it or include a new feature. I really enjoy to share full details about how I came with the idea on making the code in that way and how it works behind the scena alone with others complex details I created in order to make it works.

It seems to be my call on sharing knowledge and interacting with different perspectives, because we always can learn from others. Actually I think, it was my personal reason why I became a teacher. Being able to impact in others while you are explaining something you made or manage is great. In fact, I've also discovered that I get more deeply knowledge about what I am explaining because you need to really understand what it is going on in order to reveal in a simple ways the know-how.

As a disclaimer I would say it is not for everyone which means there is not a unscript rule to follow for each professional into IT field. So, at the end in my case I really think there is not particular time or point in your professional life to become a teacher but if you're willing to share what you know with others probably in one way or another you're already a teacher of someone else.

Even tho, I am not sharing any code into this post but my beliefs I would like to end by saying/coding:

$me = new Engineer();
do {
  if($me->toBeShared()) {
} while($me->isHappy());

Happy coding/teaching!